Former MSc Students

Former MSc Students (11):

ir. Zechen Liu

Thesis:  Onboard Ship Detection and Pose Estimation with Deep Learning
Graduation: October 2, 2018
In co-operation with DAMEN shipyards

ir. Patrick J. W. Koelewijn

Thesis: Nonlinear Tracking and Rejection using Linear Parameter-Varying Control
Cum Laude distinction
Graduation: October 2, 2018
APROCS project, funded by ERC

ir. Tom A. H. Bloemers

Thesis: Nanometer accurate motion control of a magnetically levitated planar actuator
Cum Laude distinction
Graduation: June 28, 2018
NAPAS project funded by TTW, in co-op with ASML

ir. Bardia Sharif

Thesis:  Linear Parameter Varying Control of Nonlinear Systems
Cum Laude distinction
Graduation: June 28, 2018
APROCS project, funded by ERC

ir. Vsevolod I. Kiriouchine

Thesis: Sensing and control design for high speed autonomous agile manoeuvring with quad-rotors
Graduation: November 2, 2017

ir. Paul A. Raijmakers

Thesis: Plant-model mismatch compensation using symbolic regression
Graduation: August 31, 2017

ir. Sanne Marx

Thesis:  High Performance Drone Target Pursuit
Graduation: April 4, 2017
In co-operatin with Mathworks

ir. Harold H. G. Bak

Thesis: Control-oriented linear parameter-varying modelling of a 3DOF control moment gyroscope
Graduation: April 30, 2016

dr. ir. Jurre Hanema

Thesis: Data-Drive Linear Parameter-Varying Predictive Control for Process Systems
Cum Laude distinction
Graduation: August 30, 2014

ir. A. Alrianes Bachnas

Thesis: Linear Parameter-Varying Modeling of a High-Purity Distillation Column Graduation: September 2, 2012

ir. Kim Verbert

Thesis: Adaptive friction compensation
Cum Laude distinction
Graduation: August 16, 2012